Loom:  Frame or machine made of wood or other media on which a weaver works thread into a web

Web: Piece of woven cloth

Set: How many ends of thread per inch are in the warp

E.P.I: Ends Per Inch

Warp: The threads that are carried by the loom and kept under tension

Weft: The threads that cross with the warp to make a web carried by the shuttle

Shuttle: The instrument used to carry the weft threads across the warp threads

Shed: Opening formed in warp by raising or depressing harnesses, through which the shuttle is passed

Heddle: Wire, twine, or flat pieces of steel with holes or eyes in center through which warp ends are threaded.

Harness: The frames on which heddles are hung.  I use four harness floor looms. 

Treadles: Peddles used to raise or lower harnesses on looms.

Twill: A web in which the weft threads form a diagonal pattern.

Tabby:  Often used to describe plain weave. 

Weave, plain:  The basic or fundamental weave which forms the background of many other weaves.

Frequently referred to as the Tabby weave.

Warp faced:  A weaving structure with only the warp threads showing on the face of the web. The weft threads do not show.

Weft faced: A weaving structure with only the weft threads showing on the face of the web. The warp threads do not show.


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