🕸 Spider Old Woman Captivates Libby Goines 🕸

Way back when, in the year 1978, in the month of August …

 There was a mysterious breeze wafting through the canyons and valleys of South Western Oregon 

The air was sweet and heavy with the fragrance of the ripening summer gardens

The current was carrying Spider Old Woman 

The Ancient one, the First Weaver

Floating in her magical cape all over the Earth, she finds her descendants. 


She recognized Libby Goines of 22 years, pregnant with her son Eusheen and paused to observe 

Libby was curious to add new crafts to the ones she had learned from her Mother and Grandmother 

They were skilled in the Home Arts 

(how to make beautiful and useful things from nothing while caring for your family) 

They were experts


When Libby tried Card Weaving for the first time, 

her core resonated with the ancestral memory that flooded her entire being

   This epiphany had an irresistible force

It felt as if she had not been able to weave for at least 500 years!

Her joy and excitement at this discovery knew no bounds

She realized that the world of weaving was vast, with an infinite number of looms and

just as many weaves, fibers, colors and functions 

She felt its deep roots in our Ancient Human Story

She understood that her fascination and engagement with the subject would be a passion for life

She was hooked 

and Spider Old Woman knew she had found one of her own


For 5 generations, there had not been a weaver in her family

so Libby taught herself (or so she thought)

But Spider Old Woman was guiding her mind, heart and hands every step of the way

She always made sure that Libby had all the tools, equipment, books, thread,

mentors and enthusiastic supporters she would need to master the craft


… Spider Old Woman still guides Libby’s weaving journey to this very day …

for without Her Divine Presence, there would be no Web at all

 🕸  With Deep Gratitude and Respect for the greatest of All Weavers = Spider Old Woman 

 Welcome to the Website of Singing Loom Handwoven 


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